acoustics podcasts


A series of picture books.  The books will be accompanied by compositions of sounds that could be heard were one to enter the world of the book.

Podcasts around sound studies, acoustic science and sonic arts created for the Acoustics Research Centre at Salford University

Kinokophonography is an evening of listening, organised and curated by Kinokophone. It is an evening of sharing sound recordings, exploring the experience of listening and discussing what these recordings and the process of making them can bring to life.  


Catching the Sound: Kihoku

In January 2010 I was invited by NPO A Piece Of Cosmos to visit the lovely fishing town of Kihoku and explore its sonic environment in collaboration with locals in the area. Together with arts producer Kazumi Nishida and composer Kei Tachibana,  we collected many sounds and several hours of footage which we are developing into a film project.

Sounds from  Kareizawa 

An interactive sound installation created during an artist in residence period in Aomori, Japan. An online version is here and you can read more about the project here

Sonic Specimen Boxes

Kinokophone created a physical archive of their collection of sounds from around the world... a Cornerhouse Micro Commission supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation


A cabinet of sonic curiosities explored through the ears, eyes and the imagination created in collaboration with Kinokophone Collective